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Common conditions treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Sprained and Swollen Ankle

Sprained ankle is a common problem these days. Especially among those who are active and athletic. Left untreated, it could pose a major threat to continued physical activity in the future. This is an especially matter of concern to those for whom sports and physical activity comprises a major part of their lives.

Recently a patient of mine called in to ask if I could treat his ankle pain. Apparently, the problem happened shortly following a basketball game. On actual inspection during the consultation, the outer ankle of the left leg was swollen and red. Trouble walking, pain, heat and engorged sensation. It had already been a week since it started. I performed Acupuncture treatment for 40 minutes.

Told him to go home and refrain from all physical activity that would add undue pressure to the feet for the next week. At the same time, I instructed him to use alternation of heat and ice on the area. 4 days later he dropped by to show me his ankle, to reveal that the swelling had receded significantly, with restoration of movement. As it had essentially healed already, there was no need for further Acupuncture. I told him to give it more rest for the few more days so it would heal more completely. The problem did not recur later, and the patient was able to resume his physical activity as usual.

Those reading this need to note that acute inflamation of joints should be treated right away, since inflamation tends to ground itself deeper and deeper as time trails on, making treatment more and more difficult, or would take much longer than is actually needed. In the end, it becomes what is medically termed "chronic inflamation", essentially an incurable "disease" according to modern medicine. Of course, by "treatment", I mean non-medication treatment.

Current medications to treat inflamation are all used to "suppress" the inflamation, rather than really ridding it. Suppression may make the inflamation recede to some extent, but it actually drives it deeper. For many patients, medications don't get rid of inflamation, they just mask it, and more often than not, patients become more or less dependent on the medication, without which, the inflamation explodes back to the surface, more vigorous and merciless than before.

In this regard, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to me is the one of the best methods for inflamation of any type, whether internal or external, without the side-effects and actually self-sustaining. Why? Because they get rid of it without "suppressing" it.