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Suspected Gallbladder Inflammation

There is no cure for gallbladder inflammation or inflammation of the associated ducts, in modern medicine that is. When these problems are left to time, it usually leads to two things. The first is it becomes a chronic problem, causing pain and discomfort of the ribs and abdominal areas, but doesn't necessarily get any worse than that.

The second likely scenario is that it develops into either cancer, tumour, polyps or some kind of lesion condition. At times the gallbladder or its duct problems could reversely cause similar issues in the liver as well.

So when modern medicine says the liver has no symptoms until the day it is discovered that there is cirrhosis or cancer, this is a blatant and irresponsible lie, that unfortunately many people fall prey to. The other problem caused by a chronic inflammation of the gallbladder system is ease of "food poisoning".

We often regard "food poisoning" as eating the wrong food, and then subsequent diarrhea and vomiting and loss of appetite. This is also a blatant lie, in most circumstances. Real food poisoning is related to bacterial contamination that could be life threatening.

The regular stuff that we hear all the time is actually a malfunction of the digestive system often related to the gallbladder. This is the type that will make you weak for a few days perhaps, but won't necessarily be life threatening unless it complicated by other issues. Usually after the vomiting and diarrhea things should slowly recover. Although it's likely it will happen again some other time if the person is not careful.

I have a student in my class who recently came to see me. She has abdominal pain under the right ribs and the pain occurs every time she eats. As a result her appetite hasn't been good for a long time. Despite this she has gained a lot of weight in the years. And edema is another problem she complains about.

After my assessment I determined this is likely a gallbladder problem. It could either the actual organ or the ducts or both that are likely inflamed. She also has chronic severe constipation to top things off. I gave her Chinese herbal medicine and a few days later I followed up on her to see what was happening.

It turns out she had only taken a part of the medicine, then later was invited to a friend's party, and subsequently got "food poisoning". As a result, she had to rest for many days before she resumed her medicine. Due to her tight schedule she wasn't able to come back for reassessment as planned.

When she finally came back after 1 month, it seemed the medicine has helped little only. The bowel movement seemed to have improved in the beginning but now everything was back to square one. I reexamined her and determined that I was perhaps too lenient on her. So this time I said, "I'm going to give you strong medicine this time and if you get severe diarrhea or some other form of strong response, don't get scared, because this is normal. It's meant to flush out the toxins in your body." Sure enough there was diarrhea after the medicine intake, and now her pain is much less. This patient is continuing to receive treatment and moving towards the right track.