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Common conditions treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Uncontrollable Hunger

Appetites vary among individuals. There are ones that have a normal appetite, getting hungry at the right time and eating suffices. These are normal people. Then there are people with no appetite or little or poor appetite, not wanting to eat much or if they do want to eat they feel uncomfortable eating.

These people need treatment because something is wrong with the stomach and often with the liver as well. Without treatment they will become weaker gradually and develop a plethora of other problems. Finally there are individuals with excessive hunger, where they are often hungry. If they do not satisfy themselves as needed in time, their stomach will feel uncomfortable.

This type of problem is related to stomach problems, glucose problems, diabetes and many other type of conditions. I've just recently treated a patient of this type. The patient asked me since he has this issue so what are the chances that he has diabetes. I told him, "if you want diabetes then you can go to your family doctor and you can get it the same day. In fact you can get it today after this visit by doing your own simple glucose test. Disease is the cheapest thing on this planet believe it or not. But knowing your disease won't do anything because your stomach issue is still there. Want to get better and live a peaceful life or live in the shadow of a label and daily number readings, this is your choice." The patient was speechless. Of course I was being sarcastic, but this is the reality as well.

After inspection it was determined to be a relatively simple problem. Diabetes or no diabetes, and regardless of what disease or whatever he may have, his excessive hunger issue is something Chinese Medicine has been treating with relative ease for the last few thousand years. I prescribed herbal medicine for him, and told this stuff tastes pretty good actually.

I did a follow-up in the next week and was told the problem was already gone after the few days of the medicine. The problem with people these days is they do not know what is a problem and what is not a problem. Statistically speaking and judging from experience most people are scared into believing the smallest problems are the biggest ones.

High blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose problems are probably the best best best (notice 3 bests) examples. The saddest thing is that people who are once discovered to have any one of these 3 problems will be given drugs for the rest of their life, when lifestyle changes and appropriate holistic treatment will be enough to get rid of them with relative ease. In a way this is how countries go bankrupt as a result of skyrocekting healthcare expenditure arising out of this ignorance, but nobody wants to believe this.