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Hypothyroidism and low adrenal function causes the patient to become chronically tired and listless, among other things. It doesn't just happen to people who have their thyroid taken out, it also happens to many who have it intact. I sometimes wonder if this is just a catch-all phrase that doctors use to label patients who complain of fatigue and whatnot yet could not be verified of any real "disease" by tests and lab exams. Of course, patients have the problem of believing MDs too easily, when they should inquire more in terms of "proof" for their problem. Of course, regardless, in the end patients are prescribed thyroid supplements in one way or another.

Disease or no disease, thryoid or no thyroid, really doesn't make much of a difference to Chinese Medicine, since that's not what we're looking at. We really don't even need to know what the MD has told you actually.

Recently a patient visited and complained of a whole list problems. I didn't ask her what her MD's opinion was as that's irrelevant to me in this case, but mostly likely she would've been told low thyroid function or chronic fatigue syndrome(if her MD didn't tell her this explicitly then it's likely she would label herself nonetheless just reading medical literature online). After the TCM diagnostics was performed, I discovered, among other things, that she is fatigued all the time, sleeps poorly, and complains of coldness and chills.

She also told me that her health has never been the best since youth because her mother wasn't careful during her pregnancy. Her recent work stress seems to make things worse. On top of this, she also has chronic shoulder soreness, that despite repeated massage treatments, is still sore. She asked me if Acupuncture would help, but I told her your systemic problem is much more urgent. In Chinese Medicine we call this type of pattern "yang deficiency"---in other words, the "warming" function of her body is compromised likely as a result of the chronic chilly and damp environment of GVRD. I prescribed Chinese Medicine for 1 week. When she came back, she was smiling as she walked in the door.

Upon inquiry it is revealed that all of her complaints had significantly reduced. She feels much warmer, sleeps better, is more vitalized and her shoulder soreness has immensely improved as well. I told her she's on the right track, but should continue to take Chinese Medicine so the body improves further. And as such, she is still continuing treatment, feeling a 180 degree change from the past.

The GVRD is voted as the "best place to live on earth" for many years in a row. If it's not the 1st, it's either the 2nd or 3rd. I haven't seen Vancouver drop down below 3rd place in the years that I've been here. Recently with the turbulent weather conditions seen elsewhere in Canada as well as around the world, it should be safe to conclude that Vancouver will remain on the top spot for many years to come. However, to those living in GVRD, the consensus isn't in full agreement.

Many people complain of the rainy weather, and gloomy temperature of GVRD. And such as we've also been named "Raincouver". To certain individuals, such as the patient in this particular case, their health is negatively affected. The good news is, with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, individuals can still live in this supposedly highly coveted region quite well once they receive the benefits of these treatments, such as my patient just mentioned.