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Common conditions treated with Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

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Most statistics show that infertility is on a rising trend. The more developed nations have higher percentages. Modern methods of infertility treatment revolve around IVF and other similar methods. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work. The fact that it costs a fortune doesn't help either. The patient often has to take drugs to increase egg release. The most commonly used medication seems to be Clomid. Some women refuse to go this route as much as possible owing to the burdens it may place on the body.

Is natural pregnancy possible when a patient has been trying to conceive but hasn't had success? The answer in many instances is YES. Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can help achieve this.

How does Chinese Medicine treat infertility? This is a good question and an important question. It distinguishes the difference between our treatment and conventional methods.

In order to get pregnant many aspects have to be considered. For example, the women needs to have good circulation of the reproductive system. Yet in clinic I often see the reverse. A good percentage also have some level of chronic inflammation of the tissues in the lower abdominal cavity. For instance, the fallopian tube cannot be blocked but it often ends up being this way because of the poor circulation and chronic inflammation. Other things like cysts, fibroids and other blockages often come with poor circulation and inflammation. Some of these cases may also be from previous infections that never really went away.

The other aspect is the resilience and robustness of her reproductive capability. In other words, does she have enough egg reserves? Do her eggs mature very well? Does her endometrial lining thicken adequately? When a woman is too weak, her reproductive system becomes weak, and infertility often results, since there is not enough energy to sustain a pregnancy basically. In these cases it is necessary to delay attempts completely because it wouldn't work anyway. Instead a few months of treatment and quiet nurturing are required to get her body to strengthen up so she can deal with energy requirements of pregnancy. It is also imperative her husband cooperates on this issue.

A woman's mental state is quite important too. There are instances when nothing can be found wrong with a woman's reproductive ability. Everything seems normal, except that she is too anxious and worrying everyday, having difficulty sleeping, and being under stress, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. When a women is not relaxed it gives the body the signal that she is not ready for pregnancy so implantation never occurs.

Her hormones have to be balanced. This is the yin yang we talk about in Chinese Medicine. If her reproductive circulation is clean but her hormones are out of balance, she will not get pregnant either. Actually, it is often the case that poor hormone balance and poor circulation come together, because abnormal reproductive growths are closely tied to hormones. In Chinese Medicine we can tell very easily if her hormones are balanced or not through our assessments. Other lab reports and things like bbt charting helps to prove this point as well. However, a lot of people may end up thinking that their hormones are perfectly fine because their period is regular, or because they don't have hot flashes. It is more than that, since in many infertility cases the periods are regular, and the woman doesn't always have a lot of subjective complaints. For example I recently treated a female in her mid-thirties who wanted to get pregnant. Her health is generally fine and periods are regular but repeated attempts have never been successful. Yet after our assessment it was clear that her hormones were very out of alignment. Her bbt was very erratic too. After an aggressive therapy regimen her bbt stabilized and she got pregnant.

Infertility is a complex subject and it is something that usually takes between 3-6 months of treatment for results to be seen. But with diligence, cooperation and patience, the use of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture can be the greatest arsenal that a woman has to get herself pregnant, naturally. And even if she is currently going through modern methods such as IVF, incorporation of TCM can increase her chances significantly as well. Females can't go wrong using Chinese Medicine for their fertility campaign.