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Holes and Dents on Finger Nails

This is not a frequently heard condition. But it does happen to some people and seems to be associated with psoriasis as present medical literature is concerned. Otherwise it is believed to be related to some type of nutritional deficiency. The reality is neither of this has any truth in clinic.

While in Chinese Medicine we believe it also reflects a systemic inbalance, this does not necessarily mean it is related to psoriasis or nutrition deficiency. As I've said before, "nutrition" deficiency is very much likely an unfounded claim, consider the foods taken by modern people, and the fact that 8 or 9/10 of my patients all say they take some kind of "multivitamin", which if does work would not lead them to come and see me.

I treated a female patient recently who had this nail issue. She does not have psoriasis nor does she have any nutritional deficiencies, as far as I can tell. Upon further inquiry and inspection, I discovered her hands are sensitive to cold, and would frequently feel cold as well. Other than this, there was nothing really much wrong. So I prescribed Chinese Medicine that would benefit microcirculation on the extremities and drive out the pathogenic "coldness" as we call it in Chinese Medicine.

After 2 weeks, it is discovered that the new nails growing out had less dents and holes as the existing ones. As she continued taking the medicine, her hand coldness gradually improves and the new nails that grew out to replace the old ones showed less and less imperfection. After just over a month, her nails had completely renewed themselves and no dents and holes were visible. She feels more energized and more warmer than the past as well.

While this patient may not have psoriasis, but perhaps she does have nutritional deficiency, which obviously is pointless to Chinese Medicine and not within our capability to quantitatively examine. But if this was the case, then the Chinese Medicine had therefore helped her regain the ability to efficiently use the existing nutrients in her present diet, without any type of extra supplementation.

The microcirculation promoting effects of the herbal medicine also aids in facilitating healthy renewal of her nails. But we shouldn't forget it is likely this has nothing to do with nutritional deficiency, and is something different altogether, that, in the eyes of Chinese Medicine, does not really matter.