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Sweaty Hands and Menstrual Pain

I have heard from my friends many years ago in the past that some of the people they know suffered from sweaty hands, specifically the palms. They ended up having to get some kind of surgery to stop it. I don't think this is a sound idea, because sweating of hands is a signal from the body that something wrong is going on inside. When you take out the signal you are lying to yourself that something, which exists, somehow doesn't. This is not philosophy; this is fact. A Chinese proverb called "Yan Er Dao Ling" talks about this phenomenon, which comes from a story about a thief in the ancient times who was trying to steal a bell that was too big to be stolen. So he smashed it into pieces which produced reverberations that were too loud to bear hence he covered his ears, naively thinking if he can't hear it then it is OK. Of course we all know he was simply lying to himself. Just because he can't hear it doesn't mean the sound isn't there. The same with the above surgery to correct sweating of the hands. The sweating isn't there but the underlying problem behind the sweating still exists.

Recently I treated two different patients. One has sweaty clammy hands while the other suffers from menstrual pain. My style of treatment is I don't ask too many questions. I base my treatments mainly on my clinical findings. The reason is sometimes patients will even lie to cover up some things they feel uncomfortable disclosing so that is why I find it unreliable at times.

The sweating hands is basically because the patient has too much moisture and fluids inside the body which cannot be eliminated. So the body finds an outlet through the hands. You can imagine if this does not happen, it will come out other ways, such as diarrhea from the bowels. His feet also sweats as well. The other patient suffers from menstrual pain due to poor circulation and inflammation in the reproductive organs. This is often due to "xenoestrogens", which are estrogen-like compounds that from our everyday surrounding that compete with a female's natural estrogen. These toxins stay in the body for a long time. Chinese Medicine helps to clear them out. I told her your entire pelvis is swollen and inflammed. To treat them I gave both of them tailor made Chinese Medicine. The menstrual pain patient took the medicine about a week before her incoming period as directed and the pain was greatly diminished. Her other subjective complaints also improved very much. The patient with sweaty hands and feet improved significantly as well after just 2 visits.

According to the Chinese proverb these two patients can choose to hide their problems either through surgery or medication, but the problem remains and they are no more the winner in the long run.