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When physiotherapy don't work

It isn't surprising that many patients who go see physiotherapists end up not getting any improvement for their musculo-tendon conditions. The stories I get from patients indicate they've been instructed to do various exercises on different types of machines too early on their road to recovery.

I'm confused as to why such things are allowed, considering that, the biggest caution for a patient with musculo-skeletal and/or tendon injury should be to avoid use of the affected area in question. I'm perplexed as to how such exercises with these machines would be of any help at such early stages of trauma, or be even recommended in case of clear muscle/tendon injury(whether from overuse or acute trauma).

Just recently a patient called to book an appointment. When he came in, he told me he's been having this nagging muscle tension on his neck and back for many months already. I asked him if he had injured it in an accident, and he said no. It was revealed that he's job was just a regular desk job. I presumed it was likely lack of proper sitting posture. Rotation of the head to right and raising of the right arm causes him to feel discomfort in the area.

Although there was no range restrictions on his shoulder. He went to physio for a few sessions and didn't notice any improvement. I checked his back; the pain was between his scapula and spine. His right shoulder was also bulged. This is due to chronic tension of the affected area leading to imbalance between left and right shoulder muscles, a commonly seen problem.

I told him this will likely improve quickly if he gets Acupuncture, and will most probably be fine after 3 treatments. After the first treatment he felt better right away. He left my clinic saying that he'll see how it progresses and will let me know of his development. Almost 2 weeks later, I got information that he was almost completely fine. He didn't come for any treatments after. In conclusion, one treatment of Acupuncture got rid of a nagging multi-month long issue.