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Severe Shoulder Pain 2

In my other case report I talked about an elderly patient with the same problem of shoulder pain, who didn't get much help from Chinese Medicine but instead from Acupuncture.

My own father has the same problem for a long time as well. I performed Acupuncture in the beginning and achieved only temporary results. Later I decided to use Chinese Medicine instead, and cleared the problem in a week. It was a surprise because the problem had been persisting for some months. After the shoulder pain and rigidity went away, the problem never returned.

Sometimes in clinical practice, there are situations that seem to defy experience and logic. What we believe to work with the highest probability doesn't always go the way we plan. In many instances I simply have to respect the profoundness of Creation and the complexity and intricacies, as well as unpredictability of the human body. But regardless, Acupuncture or Chinese Medicine, one of them has to work.